Sunday, April 18, 2010

Completely completed Final Project =)

So this is all parts of my final stationary design.
When I started this, I went in knowing I was going to make it VERY girly.
And thats what I did.
I want to thank Leif for helping come up with this project idea.
Out of the four semesters I've been in Graphic Design, this most definitely was my favorite project overall!
I put a lot of who I am into this thing. I love pink and girly things, and I know there is lots of other girls like that too!

So anyway, I started with the stickers, and figured some of them needed to have words, but some didn't.
But that ALL had to be girly and cute! ^_^
Here's the stickers:

Next, I decided to create the envelopes.
I figured the envelopes would help me decide how I wanted to create the matching paper.
So, I just took a couple of the stickers that went well together and made the envelopes out of them!
Here's the Envelopes:

And lastly, I did the paper.
Of course, it stuck with theme of being cute and girly!
Here's the paper:

Well thats the completely completed stationary!
Cute, Awesome and Girly!
I hope you enjoy it!! =)

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